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Additionally, stabilization of HIF pathways via deletion of Vhl in myeloid cells had no impact on myeloid trafficking into the inflamed eye.

Finally, we chemically induce hypoxemia via hemolytic anemia resulting in HIF stabilization within circulating leukocytes to demonstrate the dispensable role of HIFs in myeloid cell migration into the inflamed eye.

Conversely, in hypoxia this hydroxylation does not occur.

The alpha-subunits accumulate in the cytoplasm, dimerize with the β counterpart subunits and subsequent nuclear translocation and transcription of downstream targets ensues.

However, the impact of the HIF pathway on myeloid cell migration and infiltration in inflammation remains unclear.

Phenylhydrazine (PHZ) causes red blood cell destruction by hemoglobin denaturation and lipid peroxidation.

1b) and were comparable with those reported previously for spleen cells expressing e YFP in the eye during peak EIU (49%) was significantly reduced compared to spleen (72%) and blood (70%) (Fig.